4 responses to “Riverbed”

  1. Your creations are enchanting–so imaginative! I so admire your work. I found you and follow on Instagram. I grew up in a “stitching” home. Stitching makes feel connected in the most intimate way to the women in my family. I rely mostly on kits or patterns from others. I’ve created only one original piece and the stitching is not the greatest… you inspire me to try again.


    1. Vicki thank you so much for your comments – very much appreciated. I know exactly what you mean about connection. Although I don’t feel it particularly in regards of my immediate relatives, I do feel it very much as a way to find connection with the women (and men too) of long past generations who undertook exactly the same activities, using much the same tools and materials. I think this partly feeds into my love of history and going to heritage sites where I find myself thinking about the lives of the people who once lived in those places, how similar they were to us.

      Do keep stitching – even if you don’t feel the results are great works of art, I believe that the process itself is what really matters, it’s such a meditative practice which calms and relaxes and I’m convinced its beneficial to our mental and physical health to do things that help us relax. And you know, I’m pretty sure you’ll find that you do produce something lovely if you stop trying and just stitch, it just happens, it really does.


      1. I know what you mean about the connection to generations before us. I never knew my grandparents, let alone great-grandparents, but I think of them often primarily because of the handmade doilies I inherited. And I love looking at original embroideries from earlier centuries…they hold the spirits of their creators.

        Thank you for the encouragement! I have returned to stitching after a long break of too many years and you are so right…it is a deeply affecting and enriching experience.

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      2. They hold the spirit of their creators – perfect! So well expressed, yes indeed, totally agree ❤


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