Ann Pawley is an obsessive stitcher, history junkie, tree-hugger and mother – a teenage hippy, masquerading as a middle-aged housewife…

PHTO0066Artists come in all shapes and sizes. This one happens to express herself most often in threads, lots of them, stitched into loose-weave canvas. Who can say exactly where  inspiration comes from, but undoubtedly a love of nature, the landscape and British history all intertwine in the depths of my imagination.

Hand-stitching is a slow process, but it is also a deeply meditative one, and each piece I create becomes a part of my life. There’s an alchemy of sorts in taking the simple raw ingredients of thread, fabric and canvas and by the repetitive passing of one though the other, transforming them into cloth, a permanent expression, captured in time.

With history being my other great passion, I derive enormous pleasure from knowing that today, as I sit and stitch, I’m engaged in exactly the same process as many of our ancestors, reaching back through the centuries and I love to feel that immediate connection with the past.

Tempted though I sometimes am to don a wimple and shut myself off from everything else, my other role as mother to teenagers and owner of the Delinquent Dog keeps me firmly planted in the reality of twenty-first century family life and anyone who wants to see what I’m working on or what’s fuelling my imagination day-to-day, is welcome to join me on Instagram and Twitter for my daily witterings, or follow me on my blog Dreaming In Stitches.