A very warm welcome to my stitchy website.

I’m a stitch-obsessed English woman who spends a great deal of her time sticking needles into pieces of cloth and here are some of the results.

Everything you see here has been hand-stitched by me, which is why I call this work ‘slow art’ – there are many hours of gentle, repetitive needlework in each piece.

People often tell me I must be very patient, but the truth is (as I’m sure my family will quickly agree) I’m not especially patient at all, it’s just that in stitching I find a process that both gives me access to feelings of calm and serenity and I hope produces something of beauty and interest for others.

Please browse through the gallery and if you have any questions do get in touch, leave a comment or email me at ann@beyond-stonehenge.com

I love talking about textile and slow art, so don’t be shy…

Most of the inspiration for my work comes from my love for the colours and textures of the English countryside and my life-long obsession with British history, in particular a fascination with our historic heritage in earthworks, medieval ruins, gothic architecture and stained glass.

You can also find me on Instagram where I share photos from my daily walk in the countryside, watching the changing seasons day by day and a smattering of pictures of castles, church windows and gothic architecture, oh yes and the occasional update on my current stitchy work-in-progress. Please follow me there.

Or follow me over to my blog at dreaming-in-stitches.com where you’ll find me rambling on about matters stitchy or more likely posting about my favourite places to visit of a historic/heritage nature.

Happy stitching…

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